All I can say is that I am super excited about the launch of the newest chapter of the James Supra Band !! I know many of you have been waiting patiently to see what comes next. Well, the wait is over !! Al Wanamaker & myself want to introduce to you our newest members !! Mitch Shelly on Bass, Dave Smith on guitar, sax & flute, & Marc Young (our unofficial 5th member) on piano & keyboard.  We have been rehearsing for several weeks now & have added a whole bunch of new songs to the set !! This is going to be a very powerful group of musicians !! We will hit the ground running for sure. The chemistry & communication between us is unparalleled !! Mitch & Dave are like 2 mad scientists, dissecting & creating new songs !! It's amazing to watch !! Although Marc won't be joining us on all of the shows, he will be a big part of our larger stage sound, as you may have seen at this years Blast Furnace Blues Fest!! We look forward to seeing you at the many festival dates we have scheduled for this year !!

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